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Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design and ‘Green Building’ is not just getting a certificate; nor is it just using green building materials or recycling. Sustainable design includes an understanding of the local climate and the facility use, past, present and future.

By developing a deep and thorough understanding of project needs, both in the short and long term, enables facilities to be designed sustainably for the long haul. Each Searer, Robbins & Stephens project is designed to maximize energy efficiency, facility operations, project goals and budget limitations. 

Awareness of sustainable design benefits is growing exponentially and can be applied to a wide variety of building types, including parking structures, residential buildings and retail centers. Sustainable design practices are becoming more mainstream in facilities with high occupancy rates or spaces that, if not sustainable, require increased energy consumption to keep occupants comfortable.

The sustainable design process considers how the project will be used and occupied in the long term; sustainable building products are sustainable for over 50 years, beyond LEED certification requirements. Sustainable buildings should not be considered a “fixed state”, but as a sustainable evolution that must adapt to future needs and technology advances.

The following are some examples of sustainable design features:

Searer, Robbins & Stephens is an architectural firm that understands and incorporates sustainable design for its clients and projects.

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