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Our best work is not showcasing our firm; it is showcasing yours.

Searer Robbins & Stephens is built on a tradition of delivering practical solutions that meet real needs. We are proud to say we have been working for over 30 years in the creation of quality custom architecture designed to last.  %3CmxGraphModel%3E%3Croot%3E%3CmxCell%20id%3D%220%22%2F%3E%3CmxCell%20id%3D%221%22%20parent%3D%220%22%2F%3E%3CmxCell%20id%3D%222%22%20value%3D%22%22%20style%3D%22rounded%3D0%3BwhiteSpace%3Dwrap%3Bhtml%3D1%3BfontSize%3D14%3BfillColor%3Dnone%3BstrokeColor%3D%23CC00CC%3BstrokeWidth%3D3%3Bglass%3D0%3Bdashed%3D1%3B%22%20vertex%3D%221%22%20parent%3D%221%22%3E%3CmxGeometry%20x%3D%22160%22%20y%3D%22640%22%20width%3D%22330%22%20height%3D%22150%22%20as%3D%22geometry%22%2F%3E%3C%2FmxCell%3E%3C%2Froot%3E%3C%2FmxGraphModel%3E%3CmxGraphModel%3E%3Croot%3E%3CmxCell%20id%3D%220%22%2F%3E%3CmxCell%20id%3D%221%22%20parent%3D%220%22%2F%3E%3CmxCell%20id%3D%222%22%20value%3D%22%22%20style%3D%22rounded%3D0%3BwhiteSpace%3Dwrap%3Bhtml%3D1%3BfontSize%3D14%3BfillColor%3Dnone%3BstrokeColor%3D%23CC00CC%3BstrokeWidth%3D3%3Bglass%3D0%3Bdashed%3D1%3B%22%20vertex%3D%221%22%20parent%3D%221%22%3E%3CmxGeometry%20x%3D%22160%22%20y%3D%22640%22%20width%3D%22330%22%20height%3D%22150%22%20as%3D%22geometry%22%2F%3E%3C%2FmxCell%3E%3C%2Froot%3E%3C%2FmxGraphModel%3E

We have extensive experience in programming and planning with established goals ensuring a quality project built to serve its users. 

By putting the client and their mission first, we work with our clients to translate the vision into a successful building.

We believe it is important for architects to create buildings that work.   Our many years of experience working with clients has led us to refine our approach.  We have developed the skills necessary to understand clients’ needs, translate those needs into design concepts, and draw plans that meet form, function, and budget. 

We have extensive experience in planning architecture that works. We take a holistic approach to development.  Environmental impact assessments, traffic studies, zoning regulations and building codes are just some of the disciplines that we can integrate into your project. 

Our design projects have included a wide variety of planning, architecture and interior design services for healthcare, commercial and public clients. 

Our flexible design philosophy allows us to bring innovative ideas to even the most challenging projects.

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